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The United Ballet Artists is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to improve the level of professional education, to preserve the world ballet heritage and to introduce the best professional ballet dancers and works by world-famous choreographers to Czech Republic.

The effort to present the performances by leading artists from different countries of the world in Prague and to convey the best of contemporary ballet production in their selection resulted in the idea to establish a tradition of International Ballet Gala performances that first took place in 2006, in co-production EuroArts Music International.

The excellent artistic performances and the experience of outstanding dancers may not only charm the audience, but also serve as an example and a motivation for all ballet students, seeking fresh inspiration and working hard to become themselves stars in the future.

Our goal is also to increase the level of knowledge about academic ballet technique and enable students to apply their obtained knowledge in practice in professional ballet theaters, and companies.

Year-round education

We are trying to address the system of motivation for each of the students through individual lessons during the school year. We have drawn up a year-long programme where we prepare talented students of dance conservatories for prestigious international ballet competitions.

“Ballet art gives people joy, aesthetics and beauty. The secret of beauty of motion lies in wisdom and the secret of wisdom is in humbleness and respect for the art we have chosen.“ 

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